10 Amazing Facts About the Human Body – What Many People Don’t Know

AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY – Here are ten (10) jaw-dropping facts that many people yet to know about the human body.

Truths be told that we usually take the human body for granted because there are a lot of other things that take our attention. Only a few people are interested to talk about it and most of them are those who are into Science.

However, the human body is a precious gift and it is full of wonders. It is not just a simple body with organs or the one which moves daily to get things done. There are a lot of things happening inside and most them our beyond our knowledge.

Amazing Facts About the Human Body

There are at least 10 amazing facts about the human body. Based on Orthopaedic Specialty Group, here is a list of the excellent things happening inside or that compose the human body:

  • When infants are born, their bodies are approximately made up of 300 bones. As the infant grow, many of these bones fuse together that is why an adult has 206 bones.
Amazing Facts About the Human Body
  • More than half of the total number of bones in the body can be found in the wrists, hands, ankles, and feet.
  • The human body makes 25 million new cells every second thus the number of cells that can be produced by the body in 15 minutes is more than the population in the United States.
  • The femur or more commonly called as the thigh bone is the biggest bone in the body while the stirrup which can be found inside the ear drum is the smallest bond.
  • In a human body, the mile-count of blood vessels is between 60,000-100,000. When laid, its length can travel across the globe thrice.
Amazing Facts About the Human Body
  • Teeth are considered as part of the skeletal system but they are not considered as bones.
  • The brain only takes 2% of the human mass but it utilizes 20% of the oxygen supply of the body.
  • Human bodies are the best living bodies in a lot of things including the shedding of heat through sweat, posture, running abilities, and a lot more.
  • Also one of the amazing facts about the human body is that water takes about 60% of it.
  • Based on the article, the bones are stronger than steel and a small block of bone can carry 18,000 pounds of weight.

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