10+ Fun Facts About Monkeys That Will Surely Amaze You – the Fact No. 5!!!

FUN FACTS ABOUT MONKEYS – Here are at least ten (10) facts about monkeys which are truly fascinating.

Undeniably, monkey is one of the most popular animals in the world. In fact, it is the one even linked to human beings as believed by Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution that humans came from apes.

There are many kinds of monkeys including gorilla, Japanese macaque, mandrill, East javan langur, golden lion tamarin, and hamadryas baboon. While they have common features, they also have similarities based on their types.

Fun Facts About Monkeys
Photo: Fact Retriever

There are a lot of fun facts about monkeys which are not yet so-known to the public. Here are some of the facts that will surely amaze you most especially number 5:

1. In China and Malaysia, raw and cooked brains of a dead monkey are sold and consumed by people.

2. The breed of monkey that is most recently discovered is the lesula monkey. Based on Fact Retriever, it was discovered in 2007 in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

3. There are several diseases that monkeys can spread on to humans including B virus, Ebola Reston, monkey pox, yellow fever, and tuberculosis.

4. In Science, there are four types of monkeys that are actually not considered as monkeys based on the article – they are apes, chimpanzees, lemurs, and gibbons. They are considered as primates or a eutherian mammal which came from terrestrial mammals that lived on trees.

5. A male capuchin will urinate in his hands and rub it into his fur to attract a female partner.

6. Mandrill monkeys got fangs that are longer than the fangs of a lion. A part of their body is also multi-colored which makes them very visible even in a gloomy forest.

Male Mandrills
Male Mandrills | Photo: Fact Retriever

7. The patas monkey is the fastest primate in the world and can reach the speed of up to 34 miles per hour.

8. Monkeys living in the South and Central Americas are called as “New world monkeys” while those living in Africa and Asia are called as “Old world monkeys”.

9. Monkeys are present in almost all parts of the Earth except for Australia and Antartica.

10. The most intelligent of the New World monkeys is the capuchin.

11. A group of monkeys is called a barrel, a tribe, a carload, a troop, or a cartload.

12. Based on the article, baboons got over 30 sounds and they can communicate through actions too.

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