Amazing Stories: 41-Year-Old Woman Got 44 Biological Children

AMAZING STORIES – Meet Mama Uganda, a 41-year-old woman who has 44 children, and get to know her life story.

A lot of women are vocal that motherhood is the biggest breakthrough in their lives. According to most of them, becoming a mother is a life-changing event that did not only transform how they live their lives but who they are as well as a person. As they say, this happens the moment you become a mother.

However, in Kampala, the largest city of Uganda, a 41-year-old woman did not only become a mother once but 44 times. Surely, this is one of the amazing stories that will leave anyone in awe.

The 41-year-old woman is known as Mama Uganda. In an interview for Discover with Ruhi Cenet, Mama Uganda revealed that she was abandoned by her mother when she was born. She was left to her father’s care but her father also sold her to a man when she was a child.

The man who bought her became her husband and the father of her 44 children. She was only 13 years old when she first gave birth. They were triplets – one girl and two boys. After delivering the triplets who were her first-born, she got pregnant again with twins. After the twins, she delivered to quadruplets.

Based on the video, Mama Uganda gave birth 15 times – 4 sets of twins, 5 sets of triplets, and 5 sets of quadruplets. In her last pregnancy, she gave birth to a single child. However, six (6) of her children died due to various reasons including diseases.

According to Mama Uganda, she was told by a doctor that she is suffering from hyper-ovulation. With regards to her relationship with the father of her children, she stressed that there was no love and he was hurting her. They separated and she is living with their children. Some of them have their own families already and she is doing different works like making fertilizers and sewing to be able to provide for her children. Here’s the video of the interview with Mama Uganda posted on YouTube:

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