Angel Locsin, Neil Arce’s Jaw-Dropping House & Its Unique Interiors

ANGEL LOCSIN – The Kapamilya actress and her husband, Neil Arce, gave the netizens a tour of the house that will serve as their home as a married couple.

The big day for celebrity couple Angel Locsin and Neil Arce has finally come – or one of the “big days” since the couple is putting another wedding ceremony on hold for now.

In the first week of August 2021, the family, friends, and supporters of Angel and Neil were brought big joy as the couple shared that they are finally married. They had an intimate civil wedding that gathered a few people.

Angel Locsin, Neil Arce

It was in 2019 when Neil proposed marriage to Angel. They have started with the wedding preparations already but there were hindrances caused by the current situation due to the pandemic.

Angel Locsin, Neil Arce

Angel and Neil decided to reschedule their wedding ceremony. Supposedly, it was set to take place in November 2020 but many things could not be pushed through.

Neil Arce

It is no secret to the public that Angel Locsin and Neil Arce were friends for at least seven (7) years already before they became a couple. They are vocal about knowing a lot about each other already that they can identify the qualities of each other and those that do not speak of each other.

Angel Locsin, Neil Arce

Last August 7, Angel Locsin and Neil Arce have taken social media by storm when they announced that they are married. It was a simple wedding ceremony – she wore jeans and they were in a black and white outfit match.

Neil Arce, Angel Locsin

The wedding of the celebrity couple gathered only around ten (10) people. One of them is actress Dimples Romana who is one of the best friends of Angel and who served as a witness in their wedding.

Dimples Romana
Dimples Romana, Boyet Ahmee

A simple reception was arranged in the house that Angel Locsin and Neil Arce received from his family. They renovated some portions of the house, made some changes in the interiors, and beautify it in a practical way.

On YouTube, the celebrity couple shared a house tour video that featured the house that will serve as their home. It was a huge property and really a relaxing one.

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