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15 Foods That Are Not Good For Your Dog

15 Foods

The usual pet in every household is a dog. A dog is most of the times not just a pet but also a family member, comforter, joy giver, entertainer, and guard. Usually, we treat them like humans and we love to see them eating delicious foods. But do you know that there are 15 foods which are not good for them?

Aside from the dog food, there are instances that we throw a chunk of the food we are eating to them so they can taste a bit of it too. We would even love to see them having their tongue out and craving for more as it signify that they like it.

Despite our desire to make them eat like humans, there are foods which might be good for us but not for them. It is vital that we know what these foods are so as to protect them as well.

Here is the list of 15 foods that are not good for dogs.

1.  Grapes

1. Grapes

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