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Believe It or Not But These 17 Insect Figures Are Made Up of Scrap Metals

Most of us consider scrap metals as objects that must be placed in a trash or should be laid down on junk shops, however that’s not the best thing to do for scrap metals.

Instead of throwing those stuff away, a scrap metal artist named Edouard Martinet did something on them. Out of several pieces of scrap metals, he formed different kinds of animal figures, particularly insects.

A beetle, a grasshopper, an ant, a fly and a dragonfly are among the figures he created out of metal scraps. Take a look on these amazing photos below.

Metal Insect 1 Metal Insect 2 Metal Insect 3 Metal Insect 4 Metal Insect 5 Metal Insect 6 Metal Insect 7 Metal Insect 8 Metal Insect 9 Metal Insect 10 Metal Insect 11 Metal Insect 12 Metal Insect 13 Metal Insect 14 Metal Insect 15 Metal Insect 16 Metal Insect 17

These artworks are really creative. Imagine, despite the materials he used are all scrap metals yet he managed to utilize those stuff in order to make exotic masterpieces. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this blog post. For more amazing and interesting stories, don’t hesitate to visit our website more often.

H/T: Where Cool Things Happen

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