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Thomas And Quentin Created These 16 Burgers With Rare Designs

Unlike the ordinary burgers which definitely bring a heavenly feeling to those who really love to eat this, Thomas and Quentin bring the regular burgers into more elevated level. If you think that you can’t eat these 16 burgers due to its incredible designs, well Thomas and Quentin who were the masterminds behind the designs proves that still it can be eaten.

It’s really good to know that there are so many creative and very artistic people living in this world who never hesitate to show how incredible they are in creating such things just to amaze as well as to inspire others with what they’s got. The following photos will truly make you believe that these two incredible artists amazingly nailed to create these 16 burgers with rare designs. I’m sure that these amazing burgers having spectacular designs will drop your jaw and will surely catch your attention. Here are the photos of incredible burgers that will blow your mind.

#1. Oyster Burger

Creative Burgers

#2. Hobbit Burger

Hobbit Burger

#3. Pizza Mutant Ninja Burger

Pizza Mutant Ninja Burger

#4. Sushi Burger

Sushi Burger

#5. Beach Burger

Beach Burger

#6. Candied Apple Burger

Candied Apple Burger

#7. Meat-eorite


#8. Sword in the Burger

Sword in the Burger

#9. Mushroom Smurf Burger

Mushroom Smurf Burger

#10. Super Fancy Burger

Super Fancy Burger

#11. Pineapple Burger

Pineapple Burger

#12. Jack-o-burger


#13. Holy Burger

Holy Burger

#14. White Burger

White Burger

#15. Frankenburger


#16. Burger wedding cake

Burger wedding cake

Share some of the fantastic photos of of burgers with rare designs if these amazes you. Don’t hesitate to visit this website more often for more amazing stories.

H/T: viralnova

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