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Let’s face it, Technology has taken its leap over the past century. Everything that we often do is now driven by the advanced equipment and apparatus brought to us by the breakthroughs in technology. In fact, technology has been making our lives a lot easier. And so to say, technology has given our lives more [...]

What do you expect from a two year old boy? You would say he would just stay at his crib waiting for his mommy to give him food, or watch his favorite carton movie or play Lego bricks or some other things. But seriously, this two year old boy proved he is well inclined in [...]

What makes a singer sound different from any other singers is his distinct voice that makes up his own signature in the recording industry. There are other singers who try to mimic some of the famous artists’ voice so they too will be recognized. But around the music industry, only few were given the skill [...]

As medium of transportation, motorcycles were improved into different units as to adapt to different human lifestyles. Some of the motorcycles were designed for long distance travel, some are for transportation, and some are for sport including racing. And riding into a motorcycle is not easy, because the driver has to have balance and discipline [...]

Wheel Gymnastics first originated in Germany that is why the tool used with this kind of gymnastic is mostly called as German Wheel. But this giant wheel is now used in variety of performances all around the world. In this video, this gymnast will gracefully perform using the German wheel. Be ready to be amazed [...]

Slinky can perform several tricks because of its nature, one of which is travelling down the stair case. A Slinky is a popular toy with helical springs compressed. This spring stretches and reforms itself with the use of its momentum and gravity. Slinky was invented by Richard James. Being just a toy, this man made [...]

Lights are radiant energies that provide illuminations to our dark nights. Lights also stand for hope and love, that if you give light to other people’s dark world you give them affection and courage. That it is eventually the message of the people that they want to relay as they let go of thousands of [...]

Magic is an attempt to do almost incredible things using the gestures and actions. And To do magic, it requires a lot of training and skill, but to impress a large group of people, it takes a lot of passion in doing magic. Magic before was accompanied to sorcery and evil powers, but today magic [...]

The world is just full of many mysteries that lead us to too many questions in mind. Some were answered and some remained hard concepts to be understood. Even in our daily undertakings, there are different magical phenomenon that happen, sometimes it requires a lot of science to understand how things like those happen and [...]

Volcanoes are just one of the amazing land formations in the world having a different and unique feature. It is a breach on the land which exhausts hot lava, volcanic ash and gases which escape from its mouth. But unlike mountains, Volcanoes have magma chamber below its surface. And more to that, volcanoes can be [...]