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Maine Mendoza surpassed Kris Aquino being the top endorser of several products. The social media sensation turned actress of the Kapuso network has now replaced the “Queen of all media” Kris Aquino being the top endorser of the country. Maine Mendoza had risen to fame because of her Dubsmash videos which eventually led her to [...]

marian rivera

Marian Rivera said this to close friend Maine Mendoza. Kapuso actress Marian Rivera has got something to say to one of her close friends and fellow Kapuso, Maine Mendoza. According to the report released by the Philippine Entertainment Portal, there was one time when Maine was able to order flowers from the shop owned by [...]


Married celebrity couple Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna revealed gender and name of first baby. The gender of the first baby of the married celebrity couple was finally released by them, Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna. According to the news report released by the ABS-CBN  News, the married celebrity couple is expecting to have a [...]


Probable meanings of these kinds of dreams according to psychologists. Dreams are what we see during our sleep. It is the succession of such events that happens in the mind involuntarily. However, this strange phenomena is still one of the mysterious happenings that the scientists could not explain yet and to which remained unanswered. Scientists [...]


Surprisingly, being lazy has also its health benefits. Being lazy has been a sickness of almost all people for some reasons like saving their energy and simply just not in the mood for moving. No matter how hard the parents and even the grandparents raise their children to be diligent and be hard-working, still there [...]


These are the fashion trends and styles of men that women usually despises. FASHION – These fashion trends and styles of men over the time is what women, not all but mostly, have despised. Fashion has indeed been a part of our daily routines. Starting off from those simple shirts down to trendy blouses. It [...]


Here are the amazing facts you probably don’t know yet about cucumber. Cucumber is known to everyone as a food that helps in replenishing and refreshing ones body. However, it turned out that it’s not just used to be placed above our eyes during facial. The cucumbers are widely cultivated plant from the gourd family Cucurbitaceae. [...]


Take a look at these surprising benefits of banana. Banana or Musa Acuminata Colla is a delicious and affordable powerhouse of essential nutrients with a lot of surprising benefits. Normally, these fruit is widely cultivated on countries with tropical and subtropical weather conditions. This fruit is so nutritious that accordingly to previous report, even its [...]


Here are the five simple moves to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Rubik’s Cube game will never cease as the one who would try the game of logical twists and turns will definitely get addicted into it. Rubik’s Cube is a three-dimensional toy whose intention of the inventor is to use it to geometry. According to [...]


The importance of philtrum or that little groove between our nose and upper lip. The little groove or philtrum that is in between our nose and upper lip is one of the most important parts of the human face. Philtrum or also commonly called as ‘cupid’s bow’ is the hollow space that is in between [...]