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In this video that you are about to watch, a mother show is a very effective way she has learned that prevents her child from continuously interrupting her every time she engages a conversation. She taught her son that when he needs attention, all he has to do is to make specific a physical contact [...]

Elephants are known for their strong instinct for socialization. They are characterized by their kindness to both other living beings from other species and to their fellow elephants. They are also known for their empathy which is compared to a human. As seen in the video below, we can witness the very moment when an [...]

The latest singing voice that captures the myriad fans of the tv program “Little Big Shots”, is Angelina Jordan. She is only 7 years old but her voice is incredibly beautiful. She made her TV debut singing a classic jazz song, “Fly me to the Moon.” By Frank Sinatra. This little girl is from Norway [...]

Heather’s family has faced a terrible tragedy in 2013; her son, Lukas, only 7-month-old, di3d in a domestic unfortunate incident while in the care of a babysitter. Although it is so hard for her to accept what happened, Heather still had the clarity and presence of mind, to make a noble decision to donate her [...]

For sure you have “wax paper” in your kitchen. This is composed of a sheet of paper to which a layer of paraffin or other materials has been added that make wax paper very useful in many ways. Because of its non-stick properties this material is commonly used in cooking, and wrapping food for storage [...]

Warning, this video is going to make your feet crazy! Now I tell you, please wear the most comfortable shoes you have because this will make you get up and dance to the hit song “I’m Every Woman”. The song was written and produced by Chaka Khan, who you are about to see in the [...]

In every life of every child, it comes the moment they enter to conflict with parental command, but the baby that you are about to see in the video seems to have already skipped a few years and gone directly to the conflict stage only minutes after delivering the baby. In the video, shortly after [...]

Back in 2010, a hail storm hit Oklahoma City metro area and causes severe damage in some properties. This hailstorm was dubbed as one of the most violent hail storm ever recorded in Oklahoma. As seen in the video, a very large block of ice is falling on the water in a large swimming pool. [...]

Nothing compares to the joy and pleasure these two newborn twins gave to their parents. It seems like difficulties and sacrifices have been paid off seeing these twins being safe and sound with each other. In this video below that you are about to watch, you are going to witness these twin brothers growing up [...]

One tourist, roaming around the city of Canete, Chile, came across a street performer who deserves to be recognized and deserves to perform on big stages, with audience watching him performing his amazing musical skills. In the video below, we see that this street performer expertly wields classical guitar. Watch him show is consummate skill [...]