Barangay Officials’ Compensation in the Philippines & the Other Benefits

BARANGAY OFFICIALS’ COMPENSATION – Here is the salary of the officers of the barangay in the Philippines and the other benefits they are entitled to.

The type of government adapted in the Philippines is democratic. Officials from the barangay level up to the national government are placed in their positions through public votes.

Currently, PH is observing an automated election for a few years now. Because of it, results during the election can be retrieved faster than it was years ago. Even the process of voting was made easier, more convenient, and faster with the use of the machines during the election day.

Even the lawmakers in the Legislative branch which is composed of the upper chamber or the Senate and the lower chamber or the House of Representatives are put to office through an election.

Barangay Officials' Compensation
Photo: Southeast Asia Globe

The same thing is observed in the barangay level but results in this level is achieved right away considering the number of votes that have to be counted compared to a national poll.

In the barangay level, a poll for punong barangay or barangay chairman is held. Seven (7) barangay councilors or kagawad are also elected through a voting of the people living in the area.

With regards to the barangay officials’ compensation in the Philippines and the other benefits they are entitled to, according to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the Local Government Code of 1991 mandates that the officers will be compensated through an honorarium.

The barangay officials’ compensation is not less than Php 1,000.00 monthly for the barangay chairman and not less than Php 600.00 each monthly for the sangguniang barangay members, barangay treasurer, and barangay secretary.

There are a lot of other benefits that barangay officials are entitled to. According to DBM, here is a list of some of the benefits for the officers of the barangay:

  • Christmas bonus in the form of cash gift
  • Insurance coverage
  • Medical care including free hospitalization
  • Free tuition and matriculation fees for up to two legitimate dependent of the barangay officer within their term of office
  • Conferment of civil service eligibility’
  • Recommendation for appointment to other government positions

On the other side of these benefits are the responsibilities. The barangay officers are tasked to make sure of the peace and order in their barangays, to implement the national laws, to help their constituents amid calamities and other unfortunate scenarios, etc.

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