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Why do Filipinos are so fond of beauty pageants and how this fascination started? Beauty pageants has been a part of Filipino culture since time immemorial and the reason for this amazement have been dissected for several times. So how did Pinoys become big fans of the glitz and glamour of beauty and brain competition? [...]

John Lloyd Cruz had his first photography exhibit as Idan Cruz In the midst of controversy that John Lloyd Cruz faced these past few weeks with his now girlfriend Ellen Adarna, the public may not noticed it well but the A-list actor has ventured on his artistic side besides from acting. Lloydie is now considered [...]

Visually Satisfying Instagram Photos

Visually Satisfying Instagram Photos Visually satisfying Instagram photos – In the Internet age today, people can see different beautiful photos and videos. One social media platform called Instagram caters these things. Users can upload photo and videos that are being shared all over the world. That’s why if one posts amazing photos like this user [...]


Mesmerizing driftwood sculptures created by an artist that showcases the beauty of nature and foretell the story of the ocean. Using natural materials in arts are amazing to see. Through the use of the materials like the wood and clay in making sculptures are one of the best art in the world. Boredpanda has recently [...]


Perfect Star Wars-themed gifts that you want to give to your loved ones in a galaxy far far away. These creative Star Wars themed ideas caught the attention of the Star wars fans over the social media. Perfect Christmas celebration is fast approaching and it reminds us that it’s the most awaited month day of [...]

Photo enthusiast

Street Arts Taken By The Photo Enthusiast Some takes photography as an occasional stuff while there are those that have it as their passion or hobby. They are branded as photo enthusiast. One lover of photography, ArtTchaBoom, has shared the photos of different street arts from several cities. As the title of the post of [...]

35 Photos Of Famous Celebrity In A Disney-Themed Portraits

Disney-Themed Celebrity Portraits By Annie Leibovitz  caught the attention of the world. World of Disney was brought to life after a photographer Annie Leibovitz reimagined the famous Disney characters into real human beings. The talented photographer has published the latest in her long-time series of Disney-themed celebrity portraits. Famous Hollywood stars posed to act like they [...]


Oil Paint Masterpieces Of A Painter Painting is no easy task. In fact, there are varieties in it – variety of medium, styles, paints, and techniques. Do you know that sometimes it took a painter years to come up with very majestic masterpieces? In Bored Panda, an artist from Austin, Starla Halfmann, shared her masterpieces [...]

Outstanding Paper Artworks

Outstanding Paper Artworks What more can somebody do with the pages of books aside from reading what is in it? One English artist, Su Blackwell, has an answer to it. Blackwell makes outstanding paper artworks in pages of old books. Instead of putting aside old books, what the artist does is transform its pages into [...]


Portuguese Street Artist’s 33 Masterpieces A Portuguese street artist, Artur Bordalo, has a peculiar way of conveying his environmental message to the world. While others use slogans containing literal texts as reminders and some incorporates interesting advertisements, Bordalo has his reminders in his artworks. What Bordalo uniquely did is that he used materials that have [...]