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Many people nowadays are using text message to communicate but most people do not know how it started SMS or short message service, commonly known nowadays as text message is one of the fastest media to communicate with other people regardless of the distance. But have you ever thought how it was done or what [...]

Here are ways to help you get over a failed relationship fast and easy Who would want the feeling of heart break coming from a failed relationship which was once so ideal, so perfect and everyday spent with the person you love is like heaven? Yes, indeed, break up is one of the most uneasy [...]

Here are the royal marriage traditions which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must observe in their union After their engagement announcement, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who is expected to be wed on spring of next year must observe several royal marriage traditions. With much happiness and love on their faces the couple has shared [...]

Here are some signs to know that your partner is already falling for someone else Relationships has its ups and downs, some had already found their partner who can they call as their ‘forever’ but there are those who are still searching the right person for them. On the other hand, there are those people [...]

In commemorating this day as the world’s awareness about HIV/AIDS, here are some facts to better understand this matter December 1 is the celebration of World AIDS day but it is a fact that there are still a lot of people who are not aware of HIV/AIDS. HIV is an acronym for human immunodeficiency virus which [...]

Here is the reason why plastic surgery is so common among Koreans In the Philippines, plastic surgery is not yet as widely talked about topic in public unlike to what is common now in the modern culture of younger generation of Koreans. Though there are already Filipino celebrities who admitted that they went under the [...]

Daydreaming is perceived to be a hindrance to daily chores but a study showed that people who do this excel more in cognitive tasks Most people consider the act of daydreaming as a nuisance on the focus that must be put on a certain task but a recent study disproved it. Also called as ‘mind-wandering’, [...]

Here are the reasons why people love to watch horror movies even though they get terrified Horror movies and horror stories have been a part of the Filipino culture especially when the Halloween is just around the corner. Screaming while watching a terrifying thriller scene is just a normal happening however behind of that people [...]

Isabel Granada suffered from Aneurysm because of these possible reasons Recently, the world of Philippine showbiz was shocked with what happened to Isabel Granada because of Aneurysm. Everyone is wondering why it happened to her when she is just 41 years and she is also a health-conscious person. It is evident on her lifestyle which [...]

Here are the five misconceptions of most people about the tech gadgets In this very modern time now, techie people want to always have the best from their tech gadgets such as long battery life, faster processor, clearer camera and more. However, it is inevitable that most techie users are unsatisfied that their devises can’t [...]