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Here are some of the heart-warming trending stories of 2017 that moved a lot of netizens Among the trending stories on social media, what is the most moving tale for you? The year 2017 will soon end and people recall what had happened in the whole 365 days over the social media. It was indeed [...]

Heart Evangelista, Jericho Rosales

Heart Evangelista, Jericho Rosales Reunited In Special Dinner Event HEART EVANGELISTA – Celebrity ex-lovers Heart Evangelista and Jericho Rosales met again during a dinner event for the Rimowa luggage brand. Actress Heart Evangelista and actor Jericho Rosales’ breakup was among those celebrity breakups that had left countless hearts broken. Many fans and supporters undeniably rooted [...]

Cj Querol serves as an inspiration, from pumping gas to walking on the pageant runway The Philippines’ bet for Mister Universe Tourism 2017 is Cj Querol, a man who came from a humble beginning. Who would that the someone whose former occupation is a gas station attendant would have his chance to represent the country [...]

Electrial Engineering board topnotcher succeded beyond hardships Edilbert Tandaan, the board topnotcher of this year’s Electrical Engineering Board Exam managed to succeed despite all the difficulties he encountered. Since the time that he was studying, things were never been easy for him. However, he did not stop fighting and still continued to hope that he [...]

Wedding proposal done by Donddie Maningas to girlfriend Angelica Cando went viral A  video of a wedding proposal during the Niyug-Niyogan Festival in Lucena City, Quezon went viral in the social media. The video has acquired 5,000 reactions, more than 3,000 shares and over 175,000 views. It has brought “kilig” to many netizens. On the said [...]

Jacee Dellapenna

12-year-old Jacee Dellapenna delivered her younger sibling. Jacee Dellapenna, 12-year-old girl, was able to deliver her baby brother successfully under a doctor’s supervision. Based on a recent post on the Facebook page Love What Matters, a 12-year-old girl named Jacee Dellapenna just experienced one of the best moments of her life. The post was submitted [...]

15 Photography: National Geographic Best Photo Of The Day

15 Photography: National Geographic Best Photo Of The Day Photography has produced some incredible images that made us see the unseen things in this world. Through this art, Photographers can express their emotions and impart the knowledge of the world who have stood the test of time, but it’s not only their photographs that are inspirational. [...]

Heather’s family has faced a terrible tragedy in 2013; her son, Lukas, only 7-month-old, di3d in a domestic unfortunate incident while in the care of a babysitter. Although it is so hard for her to accept what happened, Heather still had the clarity and presence of mind, to make a noble decision to donate her [...]

For sure you have “wax paper” in your kitchen. This is composed of a sheet of paper to which a layer of paraffin or other materials has been added that make wax paper very useful in many ways. Because of its non-stick properties this material is commonly used in cooking, and wrapping food for storage [...]

Because of ever growing GMO products, a lot of people now want to be aware of the food they intake, and therefore have begun to dedicate themselves to horticultural activities specifically growing plants for food – to be exact at least one of the authenticity and genuineness of the vegetables that they put on their [...]