Chow Chow’s Price? Here Are Details About this Amazing Dog Breed

CHOW CHOW’S PRICE – Are you wondering about the characteristics of a chow chow and how much does this breed of dog costs?

Dog is the favorite animal of a lot of people. Undeniably, it is because of its loyalty and how it can really be a friend to its owner. These furry babies got emotional connections with human being.

In fact, most dogs are intelligent creatures that can learn tricks. They are really attached to the people around them. In most homes, dogs are treated as family and they really act like a family member – roaming around the house comfortably, guarding the territory, and being super excited when someone arrives home.

There are many kinds of dog breeds. One of the most popular which never fails to catch attention is the chow chow.

chow chow

The chow chow is a dog breed originating from northern China. It has a sturdy square-type built with a broad skull. It is known for its very thick fur that makes it look like a mini lion or bear.

chow chow

There are five (5) colors of chow chow – cinnamon, red, black, blue, and cream. While it looks very appealing and huggable, this breed of dog got a suspicious nature. It is really not advisable to just touch a chow chow you meet along the street.

Chow chows can be fiercely protective of its territory and its humans. Meanwhile, this nature of this dog breed can be corrected by proper socialization – since the puppy years.

chow chow's price
chow chow

With regards to chow chow‘s price, it can range from $600 up to $900 depending on the lineage of the dog. Its life expectancy is from 12 to 15 years and can be sensitive like the other dogs thus you must be prepared for the vet expenses.

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