Coldest City in the World? You Must Visit Yakutsk in Russia (Video)

COLDEST CITY IN THE WORLD – Yakutsk which is located in Russia holds the record as the city with the coolest weather.

The geographical location of a place determines the usual weather in the said area and the climates the people can experience. There are places with more sunny days while there are also those that seem to be lying on icy planes most of the times. Which climate and weather do you like?

If you are into the cold weather, you might like to put Yakutsk, a city in Russia, in your bucket list. It holds the record of being the coldest city in the world. It has recorded as low as -71°C.

Based on a video posted on the YouTube channel Discover with Ruhi Cenet, the intense coldness in Yakutsk can trigger cough to a person. The travel vlogger personally went to the Russian city with a companion and they had experienced the strike of the coldest city in the world.

They were coughing and having difficulty breathing as soon as they went outdoors. They were welcomed by the icey glass and they were told by their cab driver that staying out for 15 minutes can cause limb pain, frost bite, and the loss of sensation among others.

They checked in on a hotel which has several doors. Based on the video, the doors were done in that way to prevent the cold air from entering the place. They went out and part of what the woman wore were a pair of trousers, several clothes, and three (3) socks – but she can intensely feel the coldness of the surroundings, still.

They were coughing immediately as soon as they stepped out of the hotel. The stairs and even some areas of the sidewalks are carpeted to prevent the slippery surfaces from causing accidents. The city is home to 300,000 people despite its very unusual climate.

Based on the video, the weather even caused ice on the woman’s eye lashes and hair. They walked towards the fishing market. The sculptures were made of ice. Another weird thing about this city is that it is in Russia but it has the same timezone with Japan. The rivers in the city are completely frozen.

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