Doberman’s Amazing Characteristics & How To Live Great w/ This Breed

DOBERMAN PINSCHER – Here are the amazing characteristics of this breed of dog and some tips on how to live great with this breed that many are scared of.

Among the many kinds of animals, dog is undeniably the kind that a lot of people like to have at home. This intelligent creature is even known as a man’s bestfriend for its loyalty.

A lot of people treat dogs as family. Their needs and space inside the house are considered and they are not left behind during trying times. When loved and taken cared right, they can be the sweetest.

In fact, dogs are the animals that connect with humans emotionally. Have you seen how excited your furbaby is when you get home regardless of how long or short you have been out?

doberman pinscher

However, unfortunately, irresponsible dog parenting have put the names of certain dog breeds on bad light. Let us take for example doberman pinscher.

doberman pinscher

A lot of people are afraid of this breed of dog as it is known to be an aggressive dog – not knowing that any breed can be aggressive if not take cared right.

Based on an article on Hills Pet, doberman pinschers are powerful and energetic dogs but they can be affectionate and sweet with people given proper socializations. They are actually people-oriented types of dogs who are very loyal to their owners.

Perhaps this breed is not for everyone in a case that it requires a lot of exercise or physical activities as it is very energetic. The tendency for this breed to become irritable or aggressive is when it has a lot of pent up energy.

doberman pinscher
doberman pinscher

Doberman is an excellent guard dog at home. The male dog can grow up to 28 inches tall while the female’s height can reach 26 inches tall. With regards to their weight, the range is from 65 to 90 pounds.

This breed of dog has low grooming needs. Based on the article, it is likely to live up to 12 years. To prevent it from being aggressive, the key is to socialize it beginning when it is still a puppy.

Any dog that is socialized well can really be friendly to people regardless of age. This also prevents a lot of headache at home.

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