Egypt is Oldest Country in the World & Here Are Some Amazing Facts

EGYPT IS OLDEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD – Here are some amazing facts about Egypt which is the oldest country across the globe.

Across the globe, there is a total of 195 independent sovereign nations after South Sudan became an independent state last July 2011. Out of the said total number of countries in the world, 193 are members of the United Nations (U.N.).

The two (2) independent nations that are not members of U.N. are the State of Palestine and the Holy See. Out of the nearly 200 nations across the globe, Egypt is the oldest country in the world.

Egypt is Oldest Country in the World

Based on an article on Oldest, Egypt is the oldest country in the world with the Egyptian civilization being traced back to 6000 BCE. It was when groups of hunters and gatherers lived in the Nile River Valley.


The first dynasty of Egypt is dated 3100 BCE. Based on the article, during the said period, there is no separation between what is known now as upper and lower Egypt as King Menes combined them in a single kingdom.

Menes actually means “founder” in the Egyptian language. Based on the article, it is believed that the founder of Egypt is Narmer, a ruler.

Egypt is Oldest Country in the World

King Menes ruled the first dynasty in Egypt. The King was able to take control of the entire Nile area. He also named Memphis, a city near what is known now as Cairo, as the capital city of the country.

After the rule of King Menes which took three millennia, the second dynasty with Alexander the Great took place. He conquered the country in 332 BCE. Based on the article, with regards to the Modern Egypt, it was founded in 1953 a year after the Egyptian Revolution.

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