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Aga, Niño Muhlach’s Families Are Not Allowed To See Amalia Fuentes

Families of Aga and Niño Muhlach allegedly are prohibited by Albert Martinez’s son to visit Amalia Fuentes

The Muhlach family is one of the prominent clans in the Philippine showbiz industry.

They are always known for being their for each member of the family no matter what and wherever the tides of life may bring them.

On the other hand, it was said in a report of former showbiz show host and Bandera columnist Cristy Fermin that the Muhlach clan is now in the midst of conflict with each other.

If it is really the situation, it is untimely for them not to consider the bond they have for a long time because of the health condition of Amalia who is now bedridden after she suffered from stroke abroad.

Amalia Fuentes (PEP)

Although the matriarch of the said family is currently ill and her condition is not yet stable, based on the report, she chose to be brought home after a long time of being in a hospital.

Previously, her siblings Alex and Cheng, together with their sons Aga and Niño can visit her anytime they want, however, allegedly this time the situation is different.

Aga, Niño Muhlach Are Prohibited To See Bedridden Amalia Fuentes

Aga Muhlach (Yahoo News)

According to Fermin, the son of Albert Martinez, Alfonso, with his late wife Liezel who is a daughter of Amalia, allegedly prohibits the family of his grandmother’s siblings to visit her.

It was also said in the report of the entertainment columnist that the family of Aga and Niño learned that all the properties of Amalia Fuentes are now under the management of Alfonso Martinez.

Aga, Niño Muhlach Are Prohibited To See Bedridden Amalia Fuentes

Niño Muhlach (PSR)

Fermin also said that if it is really the case, then it would be a big insult on Amalia’s siblings and their family because after all they do not have any grounds to go after the properties of the veteran actress.

Amalia, who is also called as Tita Nena by the closest people to her, needs love and caring right now, and according to Fermin this is what must be shown to her and not the conflict between the members of their family, if ever there is, said in a report.

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