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Albie Casiño Revealed His Reason Of Consulting A Psychiatrist

Albie Casiño disclosed the reason why he needed the help of a psychiatrist in some point of his life

‘Pusong Ligaw’ actor Albie Casiño admitted that once in his life he needed the medical help of a psychiatrist.

In a recent uploaded video of ABS CBN on YouTube, this revelation came to the knowledge of the public.

The Kapamilya actor opened up regarding that part of his life when most people did not know about him.

Albie said that it is difficult for a man like him to approach his fellow man and say “pare, nababaliw yata ako”. He added that no one would just say that.

When asked if there was a point that he considered consulting the help of people specializing in mental health, with his hand raising, the actor said he had.

Albie Casiño

Albie Casiño (PEP)

He said that it happened a few times but last December was the most tough time for him. On the other hand, he is fine with the thought of consulting a psychiatrist.

According to Albie Casiño, he did not know why it happened to him and he just described it as a weird experience.

“Last December, super dark, I have no idea why. For some reason parang and dilim na ng mundo ko, ang bigat na ng dibdib ko, just in a depress state,” the actor revealed during an interview.

Because of that, the Kapamilya actor decided to see a shrink but he had to spend a lot of money for it.

Mental health should not be taken so lightly because it is a vital aspect of one’s life.

According to an article in ‘Guide To Psychology and Its Practice‘ one should consult the help of expert in mental health if he or she is already experiencing anxiety, depression and mania, family and health issues, phobias, spiritual issues, trauma and if one needs a performance enhancement.


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