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Alden Richards Will Be Away From Maine Mendoza For Awhile

Because of their upcoming movie, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza must be apart from each other

Alden Richards revealed that he has to be away from Maine temporarily because of their upcoming movie.

As part of their preparation for the movie, which they need to do some martial arts, they have to train separately.

Alden said that the director of the movie wants them to do their training not with each other.

“Direk Mike made that rule because when we’re in the gym together, we don’t get anywhere. Wala kaming ginawa ni Maine kundi magkulitan!” he said in a report of Manila Times.

Alden Richards must be apart from Maine Mendoza

Alden Richards / GMA

The love team AlDub has become iconic due to the ‘Kalyeserye’ in Kapuso’s ‘Eat Bulaga’.

When asked what actually their relationship right now, Alden answered indirectly.

He just said that everything has its right time.

Meanwhile, Alden Richards is now preparing for a Martial Law TV Special of GMA entitled ‘Ala-ala’.

He will be playing the role of a writer named Bonnie Ilagan who is a victim of human rights violation during the Martial Law era.

According to Alden, this kind of project is something that he is very excited to do.

The actor has already met Ilagan in person and this added to his excitement.

He also revealed that by doing this TV special he was able to learn a lot of things about the dark days of the country.

“It happened before I was born. I have heard about Martial Law but I didn’t know what really happened during that time until I read the script of Ala-ala.” he said in a report.

Talking more about his experiences in doing this project, Alden said that his physical strength was tested.

Furthermore, his emotion and mind also worked hard.

He elaborated that the torture scenes that they did was so realistic.

For him, there is a necessity to do that in order to give justice to the role.

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