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Alessandra De Rossi Talked About Her Relationship With Marc Abaya

Alessandra de Rossi revealed the real score between her and rumored partner Marc Abaya

TV and movie actress Alessandra de Rossi once again cleared out the issue regarding her relationship with Kjwan band vocalist Marc Abaya but she did in a gesture full of jest.

Previously, the speculations about them fired up when they were spotted together in a beach for a vacation and the Alex even shared several photos of that getaway on her Instagram account.

Although, she admitted that her mother had been pushing her to get married since she reached the age of 18 but according to her the perfect time for it will come, said in a report.

Alessandra de rossi admits real score with marc abaya

Alessandra De Rossi (Instagram)

So, who is Marc Abaya in the life of Alessandra de Rossi?

In her ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda’ interview, the actress comically answered the question if she and Marc can now be considered as an item.

According to the actress, the musician is the one who wrote the soundtrack for her latest movie entitled ’12’, which she admitted previously that she done it for free.

When Boy Abunda asked her if they are together the actress yes, they done the music together and the host laughed at her answer.

Then Alex said that they are just friends but after that she said the gay lingo for ‘joke only or ‘just kidding’ which is ‘charot‘.

Alessandra de rossi admits real score with marc abaya

Marc Abaya (Pinterest)

In a serious tone, the actress said that Marc could be a topic if he is already included in the topic and then she repeated that they are just friend but she faced the audience while mouthing the word ‘charot‘.

Alessandra revealed that she is happy having a creative relationship with the band vocalist because he can understand her easily.

“Yung kakulangan ko, meron siya, yung wala siya meron ako”, the actress said during the interview.

When asked if she can consider Marc the man she could be after 7 years, Alessandra de Rossi said that she will answer it if they are already together.

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