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Alex Gonzaga Explained About Controversial PMPC Joke To Luis Manzano

Alex Gonzaga apologized and explained her side about her joke to Luis Manzano

Alex Gonzaga explained her side regarding the joke she cracked during the recently concluded PMPC Star Awards for Movies.

During the event, Luis Manzano won the “Darling of the Press” award.

According to a previous report, Alex asked Luis in jest that how much he paid to get the recognition.

The actress expressed in a report of ABS CBN that she and Luis have known each other for a long time now that is why she was comfortable to say that joke to him.

Alex Gonzaga apologized to her joke to Luis Manzano

Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga / Newsko

It is their form of affection, Alex said.

However, she apologizes right away to Luis because the fact that they were in an awards night slipped out of her mind.

She also said that she loves PMPC.

The Kapamilya star was thankful that her Kuya Luis defended her from the media.

Together with this, she also expressed her gratitude to the members of the press who understood her act.

Fortunately for Alex, the issue did not grew any bigger.

Luis immediately explained to the media that Alex did not mean any harm in her joke.

If there is one thing that Alex learned from this experience is to stay quiet.

She also said that now she will learn to stop her mouth from saying those kinds of jokes.

On the other hand, Luis Manzano stressed out that Alex did not mean to be offending when she said her joke.

However, he admitted that the joke was a bit off.

The Kapamilya host also explained that he and Alex are always like that when they see each other.

Their jokes are even worse behind the camera, he revealed in a report.

Luis also said that he understands those who reacted that it was quite offending.

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