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Alex Gonzaga’s Pregnancy Test Joke Received This Reaction From Her Mother

Here is the reaction of Alex Gonzaga’s mother about her pregnancy test joke

Kapamilya star Alex Gonzaga never fails to bring laughter to her fans, social media followers and YouTube subscribers.

As known for being a natural comedienne, she has her own way of throwing her unexpected punch lines which are sure comic blows.

Cathy, as what she is called by her older sister Toni Gonzaga, is also a vlogger and as of the writing, she already has more than 400 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Her latest vlog entry is Toni’s bag raid which started with the playful teasing of the siblings to their mother.

At first, Alex was jokingly saying that she is going to raid the bag of her mother while holding her mom’s bag in her hand.

Alex Gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga (Instagram)

The reaction of mommy Pinty to this made the sisters laugh.

Their laugh trip for their mother did not end there. As the younger Gonzaga was already taking things out of Toni’s bag, there is something she got which she referred as “pregnancy test”, based on the report of ABS CBN Entertainment.

The Gonzaga sisters continued their comedy act when Toni pointed back to her younger sister and said that it was for her.

Thinking that the two women are really talking about the pregnancy test kit, their mother gave an annoyed reaction to this who was out of the frame at that moment.

“Ang sama ng tingin ni mommy,” Toni burst out with laughter as she was saying this.

The ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ host even imitated the facial reaction of her mother upon hearing about the “pregnancy test”.

“Bakit niya ako tinititigan ng ganun ka sama,” the TV host added while Alex Gonzaga was laughing along with her.

In the span of five months, the actress/vlogger is already on the way to her half a million subscribers and it is because of her being ‘kalog’ in her videos, based on the report.

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