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Angel Locsin on Neil Arce, Bela Padilla: ‘Walang silang problema’

Actress Angel Locsin reacted on the issue involving Neil Arce and Bela Padilla.

ANGEL LOCSIN – Kapamilya actress and La Luna Sangre cast Angel Locsin spoke her side on the issue dragging the names of film producer Neil Arce and his ex-girlfriend actress Bela Padilla.

Based on a previous entertainment report, Angel Locsin has recently revealed during an interview in the press conference of La Luna Sangre that she and film producer Neil Arce are treating each other like they are a couple although they are not really in an official relationship.

According to the La Luna Sangre cast, they are not dating other people and they have already talked about making it official but they do not want to speed things up.

Neil Arce is a film producer and was previously in a relationship with actress Bela Padilla. There are rumors stating that they are not comfortable with each other’s presence.

Based on a recent entertainment report in Pep, the source has received a feed that the ex-lovers were seen exchanging hi and hello during the premiere night of the film Fangirl Fanboy.

However, the film producer allegedly declined to have a photo with his ex-girlfriend.

Angel Locsin, Neil Arce, Bela Padilla

Screenshot from Instagram | @neil_arce
/ @therealangellocsin

Based on the report, in an interview with Angel Locsin who is linked to Neil Arce in the present after her solo press conference regarding her comeback in La Luna Sangre, the actress said that Neil and Bela have no problem with each other.

“Silang dalawa, wala silang problema,” Angel said.

According to the actress, it’s just that Neil does not want an issue about him to go ahead of the film which he is also the producer. Angel also expressed about the treatment of Bela Padilla to her.

“Si Bela, mabait sa akin,” the actress said according to the report.

In the present, Neil Arce and Bela Padilla are still working together based on the report and it is not an issue to Angel Locsin who recently admitted that she and the film producer are exclusively dating.

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