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Arjo Atayde Reveals Why His Maternal Half-Sister’s Not In Their Family Photos

Arjo Atayde Shares Details About His Maternal Half-Sister ‘Pia’

ARJO ATAYDE – Kapamilya actor Arjo Atayde revealed the reason why his maternal half-sister named ‘Pia’ is not with them in their family photos.

The children of veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez who are known to the public are Arjo Atayde and Ria Atayde who, based on a report, have also joined the entertainment industry now. Arjo is known to be the eldest child of Sylvia.

Arjo Atayde, Sylvia Sanchez

Screenshots from Instagram | @arjoatayde

Recently, lots of people were surprised when Sylvia Sanchez revealed during her appearance on ABS-CBN’s morning program Magandang Buhay that Arjo is not her eldest child but Pia.

She expressed that lots of netizens were asking her why she has no photos with her eldest daughter. The veteran actress chose to keep her reason private.

Based on a recent report in Pep, in an interview with the source after the press conference of the upcoming Kapamilya television series Hanggang Saan which has both Arjo Atayde and Sylvia Sanchez as casts, the young actor shared details about his maternal half-sister.

According to Arjo, some people know that he has a half-sister and it was not mentioned online as “she chose her own life”. He said that Pia chose to be with her father than with them.

Based on the report, the 37-year-old actor said that Pia is not in their family photos or she’s not with them during their guest appearances due to the decision that his half-sister has made for herself.

Meanwhile, the Hanggang Saan actor stressed that she is still in his heart and that she is still his sister.

“Family is family… Magkaproblema o walang problema, you guys will back up each other, you know… But… life is life. There are some things that you have to move on from. There are some things that you won’t forget but let go,” he said.

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