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Beauty Gonzalez Reveals How She Feels For Ellen Adarna, John Lloyd Cruz

Beauty Gonzalez Shares What She Can See In Best Friend Ellen Adarna, Actor John Lloyd Cruz

BEAUTY GONZALEZ – Actress Beauty Gonzalez revealed how she really feels for her best friend actress Ellen Adarna and actor John Lloyd Cruz.

Actress Ellen Adarna and actor John Lloyd Cruz are recently linked to each other after they were spotted together on several trips. Based on a report, the two celebrities who were previously spotted in Cebu were recently spotted together outside the country.

Ellen Adarna, John Lloyd Cruz

Screenshot from Instagram | @maria.elena.adarna

John Lloyd Cruz is now on an “indefinite leave” from show business and has decided to go outside the country while Ellen Adarna recently expressed her excitement to visit a beautiful foreign place again.

Based on the recent photos posted on their social media accounts, the two celebrities are enjoying their time together outside the country now.

These two stars are rumored to be lovers already. Neither Ellen nor John Lloyd has directly denied or confirmed the rumors that they are officially together. Their photos on the social media have elicited different reactions from the netizens.

While there are those who expressed negative comments about them, there are many netizens who expressed support and love for the two celebrities who seem to really enjoy each other’s company.

Based on a recent video posted in Pep, in an interview, Ellen Adarna’s best friend Beauty Gonzalez revealed how she really feels for her best friend and actor John Lloyd Cruz.

Beauty Gonzalez

Screenshot from Instagram | @beauty_gonzalez

Beauty was asked if she thinks that Ellen is inspired now. According to her, the Instagram accounts of the two celebrities show that they are happy and she has no right to speak for them.

The actress expressed that she is “very happy” for the both of them. She said that she can see that they are really getting along well and they really take care of each other.

“Parang nakita na nila yung match nila sa isa’t-isa,” the actress expressed during the interview.

Based on the report, when asked if she will go in case she will receive a wedding invitation from Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz, Beauty Gonzalez expressed that wherever the wedding would be held she would really be there.

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