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Bela Padilla Reacts To Maine Mendoza’s Decision To Write An Open Letter

Netizen Asks Bela Padilla To Give A Message to Maine Mendoza

BELA PADILLA – Kapamilya actress Bela Padilla reacted to the decision of young Kapuso actress Maine Mendoza to write an open letter for her supporters.

The decision of Kapuso actress and Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza to write an open letter for her fans elicited various comments from other celebrities. Reportedly, it is through the said open letter that the actress expressed how she really feels.

Maine Mendoza

Screenshot from Instagram: mainedcm

In her open letter, Maine Mendoza admitted there were times when she isn’t happy anymore. She stated that there are people who dictate her on what to do.

The young Kapuso actress revealed in her letter that, this time, she is choosing herself and she does not want to compromise her happiness for the sake of what other people want.

Based on a report, Maine has stated that she is choosing to be honest and she is ready if some of her fans and supporters will no longer support her.

The decision of Maine Mendoza to write a lengthy open letter for her supporters elicit comments from her fellow celebrities including Paolo Ballesteros, Sarah Lahbati, and Bela Padilla.

Eat Bulaga host Paolo Ballesteros reportedly expressed that they know what the young actress is going through as they see each other everyday. Paolo expressed support towards the decision of Maine to write an open letter.

According to the report, another celebrity who supports Maine Mendoza’s decision is actress Sarah Lahbati. In a tweet, Sarah stated that the young actress deserves freedom and happiness.

On social media, a netizen using the user handle @JumalonMailyn asked Kapamilya actress Bela Padilla to give a message for Maine Mendoza who is going through something right now.

Bela padilla

Screenshot from Instagram: belapadilla

The netizen stated that she loves both Bela Padilla and Maine Mendoza. In her response, Bela stated that Maine “did what’s right”.

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