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Asia’s King Of Talk, Boy Abunda To Manny Pacquiao “You Do Not Own My Humanity”

Pacquiao earlier drew flak after he described same-s3x relationships as “worse than animals,” during an interview posted online by the TV5 network last February 15.

‘Common sense lang. Makakakita k aba ng any animals (sic) na lalake sa lalake o babae sa babae? Mas mabuti pa yung hayop. Marunong kumilala kung lalake-lalake or babae-babae. O, di ba? Ngayon, kung lalake sa lalake o babae sa babae, mas masahol pa sa hayop ang tao!’

“it’s common sense. Do you see animals mating with the same s3x? Animals are better because they can distinguish male from female. Of men mate with me and women mate with women, they are worse than animals.”

Pacquiao later apologized for his statement – albeit combatively and insincerely – admitting his mistake in comparing gays to animals.

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Asia’s King of Talk, Boy Abunda just sealed the knockout since the boxing star and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao infamously compared the LGBT community to animals, wherein local and international personalities have come forward to speak their thoughts on the matter.

On Boy Abunda’s first note, he said that that he was angered by Pacquiao’s remark, and that it has been a “difficult day” for him.

One of those remarkable and passionate statements from Abunda, who called out the senatorial aspirant for “crossing the line” for denouncing people in a same-s3x marriage as “worse than animals”.

“Kung ang tao ay nananakit, nangyuyurak ng karapatan ng tao, eh gugustuhin ko nap o maging hayop,” he said in the February 16 episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda. ”Kung and ibig sabihin po ng hayop ay gumagalang, nagmamahal, then I am an animal.”

(If humans are violent, belittling human rights, then I’d rather want to be an animal) he said in the February 16 episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda. (If the meaning of animal is respect and love, then I am an animal.)

Abunda also cited the struggle of LGBT community for equality to that African-American slaves who fought for their rights during the 1800s.  And also to that of American Civil rights movement during 1960’s, as well as the struggle of women for the right to vote.  He also quoted US President Barack Obama, former US senator Hillary Clinton, and Pope Francis with regard to their viewpoints towards the rights of the LGBTs.

“I am not begging Manny Pacquiao for dignity, I am not begging you for respect, for my humanity, because you do not own my humanity. That’s my birthright,” the host added.

Tatakbo ka bilang senador? Ito and aking katanunganm palagay mob a iboboto ko baa ng isang tao na ang tingin sa akin ay hindi tao? Iboboto ko baa ng isang tao na ang tingin sa akin ay mas masahol pa sa hayop?” Abunda said.

(You will run for senator? This is my question, do you think I would vote for someone who does not even think I’m a human? Do you think I would vote for someone who thinks I’m worse than an animal?)

“Manny, ang kasagutan –salita mo, common sense (The answer there, Manny, is your own words – common sense),” he added.

Video Source: ABS-CBN Entertainment

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