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Carlo Aquino Opened Up About His Past With Angelica Panganiban

Carlo Aquino opened up something about his past relationship with Angelica Panganiban

Carlo Aquino was the guest of Vice Ganda in the latest episode of ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ and he revealed something about his previous relationship with Kapamilya actress Angelica Panganiban.

The comedian/host recalled that Carlo and Angelica were together before in ‘G-mik’, a youth-oriented show in ABS CBN.

Carlo cited that they were also together in another youth-oriented show ‘Kaberks’ as a love team.

The actor revealed that he had a serious relationship with Angelica for 6 years but his first love was Camille Prats.

He added that if he and Angelica were only older during that time, they might ended up as happily married right now.

Vice dug down to this topic and asked Carlo why he said that if they were just older that time.

Carlo Aquino

Carlo Aquino / One Music

The interviewee said that it is because Angelica is a very patient person.

Then the ‘Showtime’ host said to him “so it is you who gave up?”. Carlo just smiled in reply.

JC De Vera was also in the late night show and Vice Ganda asked him if Angelica Panganiban opened up something regarding it since they often spend time together.

JC replied with an affirmative answer but he refused to elaborate the details.

Vice tried to match Carlo and Angelica again, especially that the latter is currently not in a relationship.

However, Carlo Aquino said that he has a girlfriend now and they are already on their 7th year, said in a report.

He also said that it shows how serious he is when it comes to relationship.

In the same episode of ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, Carlo was made to do a prank with his famous line “akala mo lang wala pero meron, meron, meron” in the movie ‘Bata, Bata Paano Ka ginawa?’.

On the prank video, the actor threw his iconic line in various people on the street.

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