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Some Celebrities Acknowledge That They Once Said ‘Salamat Doc’

There are celebrities who needed the help of cosmetic surgery to enhance their physical beauty

One thing that celebrities can be considered as a capital when it comes to their career is their physical appearance and it even reaches to the point that they have to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Of course, it is a part of their job to always look good for their fans whether on screen or in personal.

There are celebrities who bravely admitted that they once needed the help of medical technology to enhance their beauty, according to a report of GMA Entertainment.

Here the list of celebrities who had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Celebrities who undergone cosmetic surgery

Celebrities who undergone cosmetic surgery

Angeline Quinto

In 2013, the singer admitted that she had a surgery that enhanced her sad-looking eyes and liposuction for her arms and back.

Together with this, Angeline also had to work out with balanced diet in order to have a better result.

Vice Ganda 

The Kapamilya host and comedienne revealed that he had undergone an underarm and hip procedure with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo.

Beauty Gonzalez

The former PBB housemate admitted that she had liposuction to reduce fat in her chin and jawline areas.

Maui Taylor

Maui’s breast, tummy, nose and chin were cosmetically enhanced as what she admitted on the show ‘Don’t Lie To Me’.

Jonalyn Viray

Known as Jona nowadays, the singer had her nose done when she was 15 years old.

Pops Fernandez

The Concert Queen had her lips done to follow the pout of her idol Angelina Jolie.

Lani Misalucha

Asia’s Nightingale admitted that she had procedure to fix her nose, eyebags and teeth.

Gretchen Barretto 

In order to have that full pout, La Greta had her lips done which she admitted during her album launch in 2009.

Cristalle Belo

The daughter of the famous cosmetic doctor also admitted that she had undergone liposuction in her waistline in 2005 and a year after in her arms.

Charice Pempengco

The singer who is now known as Jake Zyrus had undergone Botox and Thermage procedure with Vicki Belo to make her face smaller on screen.

Aiko Melendez

Though Aiko did not verbally admitted that she had undergone surgery but she hinted on her Instagram photo that she had her butt enhancement, said in a report.

Aiko's post suggested that she had cosmetic surgery

Aiko Melendez’s post on Instagram / GMA

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