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Cherie Gil Talks About Her Handsome Son Whose Photos With Her Went Viral

Cherie Gil revealed a few things about her son Raphael who went viral on social media

Veteran actress and very effective movie and TV antagonist Cherie Gil shared stories about her youngest son whose photo with her went viral on social media.

In her recent guesting in ‘Tonight With Arnold Clavio’, the actress revealed things about the 20-year old Raphael Eigenmann Rogoff.

Cherie Gil

Cherie Gil (GMA)

The youngest boy of the singer/actress is currently living in New York and studying in NYU as a second year student, taking up Global Liberal Studies Concentrating on Ethics, Politics and Religion, based on the report of GMA Entertainment.

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When asked if Raphael has any plan of entering the world of showbiz, the mother of the handsome young man said that there is none yet as of now.

She wants them to finish their studies first, including her daughter.

Being in a huge showbiz clan, it is expected for the children of Cherie to follow her footsteps and the showbiz careers of her siblings in the industry.

Talking about a more serious topic about her handsome son, the actress was asked if he already has a girlfriend.

According to her, it is appropriate that Raphael will be the one who will answer that question.

Raphael Rogoff

Raphael Rogoff (Instagram)

She added that those who are interested to the personal life of her son should follow him on Instagram in order to know if he really has a girlfriend or none.

Known for being one of the greatest movie and TV villain, Cherie Gil said that she thinks she is going to be a good mother-in-law for the wife of her son, contrary to the characters she played.

“Ang tingin ko sa kanilang mga girlfriends and future wives are the little mommy’s assistants,” the actress revealed her thoughts, based on the report.

On the other hand, the mother of three said that she is a bit sad being alone in the country while her two sons and one daughter are all in New York.

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