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Cristina Decena Reveals Current Relationship With Ex-Partner Philip Salvador

How is the relationship of Philip Salvador and Cristina Decena now?

CRISTINA DECENA – Filipino businesswoman Cristina Decena revealed the current relationship between her and her ex-partner Philip Salvador.

Actor Philip Salvador was in a relationship with businesswoman Cristina Decena before. However, the romance between the two ended and the situation between them changed.

Philip Salvador, Cristina Decena

Photos lifted from PSR.ph | Pinoy Showbiz

Based on a report in Pep, Cristina Decena and Philip Salvador appeared before the Court after the businesswoman filed a case against her ex-partner over money matters.

Fortunately, Cristina and Ipe, the nickname of the actor, reconciled and the actor was acquitted in the case filed by his ex-lover.

In an interview with the source during the unveiling of her billboard being the endorser of Banahaw Heals Spa in Tagaytay City, Cristina Decena shared what happened to the case she filed against Philip Salvador.

According to the businesswoman, she initially thought that because she has forgiven Ipe on national television and print publications, the case would not go on so she did not come back to her lawyer anymore.

However, what was need is for her and Ipe’s lawyer to appear together before the Court and for her to swear with an affidavit of desistance.

Based on the report, Philip Salvador waited for the decision of the Court before he apologized to Cristina Decena. The businesswoman expressed that there was another case which continued until the day of promulgation.

“So nung date ng promulgation niya nakiusap siya dun sa judge na, ‘Your honor baka po pwedeng huwag nyo na akong basahan ng sakdal kasi ho ayos na kami ng complainant’,” she said.

However, the judge did not agree with the request of Ipe and Cristina. She has to be on the witness stand and do the recantation for the promulgation not to happen – which the actor did not allow to happen as he minds the credibility of his ex-lover.

Fortunately, the verdict on the case was that Philip Salvador is not guilty. According to Cristina Decena, she kept on apologizing to Ipe and they hugged each other. She admitted that she’s very happy when the case was dismissed.

Based on the report, the businesswoman expressed that she is friends now with her ex-lover.

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