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Diego Loyzaga Reveals Side On Relationship With His Father Cesar Montano

Are Diego Loyzaga and his father Cesar Montano already in good terms now?

DIEGO LOYZAGA – Young Kapamilya actor Diego Loyzaga revealed his side on his relationship with his actor father Cesar Montano now.

Cesar Montano’s son with Teresa Loyzaga, Diego Loyzaga, is one of the casts of the ABS-CBN television series Pusong Ligaw which is nearly approaching its end.

Cesar Montano, Diego Loyzaga

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Based on a report, the other casts of the TV series include actors Joem Bascon and Raymond Bagatsing and actresses Beauty Gonzales, Bianca King, and Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga’s loveteam partner and rumored girlfriend.

Recently, a press conference for Pusong Ligaw was held. Based on a report in Pep, in an interview with the source and other reporters, the 22-year-old actor expressed his side over his relationship with his actor father now.

Previously, Cesar and Diego were on news headlines following the social media posts of the young actor about his father.

Diego Loyzaga expressed that he and his father are okay now. According to him, they just had a minor problem.

“Ganun lang talaga ang mag-ama, nagkakaroon ng hindi pagkakaunawaan,” he also said.

Based on the report, Diego Loyzaga also expressed during the press conference that he loves his father. When asked if they have already talked to each other after the issue, the young actor answered in the affirmative.

Diego was also recently hooked on issues after a controversial photo of him crossed the social media. Meanwhile, the Pusong Ligaw actor has already clarified his side regarding the photo and stressed that it was not really his intention to post it. He also expressed that it was a video and not a photo.

The young actor has already deleted his post as he realized that not everyone may understand it. His loveteam partner, Sofia Andres, is also happy that they have already reconciled.

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