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Empoy Marquez Reveals In What Aspect He’s Better Than John Lloyd, Piolo Pascual

Empoy Marquez reveals that there is something he can do better than John Lloyd Cruz and Piolo Pascual

Known as ‘ang bagong pogi’, blockbuster actor Empoy Marquez has reached stardom because of his recent hit movie with Alessandra de Rossi entitled ‘Kita Kita’.

Because of that, more projects are coming in his way and he gained more popularity.

Empoy was faced with a 15 minute, 15 question-challenge and he answered all of them with his known humor.

One thing that he revealed is the aspect that he thinks he is better than the Kapamilya heartthrobs Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz which he answered with being funny, said in a report of ABS CBN.

Piolo Pascual/Empoy Marquez/John Lloyd Cruz

Piolo Pascual/Empoy Marquez/John Lloyd Cruz

The Kapamilya comedian said that he is a better kisser among the two A-list actors in the Philippine showbiz industry.

When asked if who among them are more handsome, he answered that it is up to the people to decide.

It can be recalled that Empoy Marquez revealed the reason why he has not settled down yet because the woman who she thought to be his wife is already married now.

However, when asked if he is still single right now, he answered that it is a secret and laughed about it.

He also revealed that she already loved 43 women in his entire life.

If it is a joke or not but Empoy answered the question of what he did when he first had his heart broken seriously.

According to him, he cut his toe nails after getting his first heartbreak.

He would not describe himself as the usual epitome of handsome as ‘tall, dark and handsome’ but he would rather be called as ‘small but terrible’.

As ‘ang bagong pogi’, the comedian also shared his tips in courting.

He said that one must take a bath first, see to it that the hair is groomed and going to church every Sunday must be included in the list.

When asked about moving on, Empoy Marquez said that one should find someone who he or she can talk about it.

His second tip for moving on is to climb a high mountain such as the Mt. Everest and lastly the divine intervention is needed.

This was in accordance with the comedian’s promotion for his book “Bakit Nakakakiliti Ang Bigote?”, said in a report.

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