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Erik Santos Ends Speculation On Real Score With Angeline Quinto

Are Angeline Quinto and Erik Santos officially together or just friends?

ERIK SANTOS – Known Pinoy singer Erik Santos clarified the real score between him and singer-actress Angeline Quinto.

Singers Erik Santos and Angeline Quinto are linked to each other. There was reportedly a time when the two celebrities were “exclusively dating”.

Angeline Quinto, Erik Santos

Photo Courtesy of Philstar | ABS-CBN News

Visibly, Erik Santos and Angeline Quinto are still close to each other even until now. Netizens including their fans and supporters could not help from teasing them to each other from time to time.

Based on a report, during the appearance of Erik on ABS-CBN morning program Magandang Buhay during his birthday, one of the people who expressed their greetings and wishes for the male singer is Angeline.

Based on a report in Pep, in November 2017, the singer-actress was left speechless after she was teased to Erik who appeared as a guest on the ABS-CBN game show I Can See Your Voice. On December 2017 on ASAP, Erik Santos reportedly special mentioned Angeline Quinto in his speech.

In an interview with the source after the press conference of #paMore which is a Valentine concert of Erik Santos, Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, and Martin Nievera, the male singer clarified the real score between him and Angeline Quinto.

According to the report, Erik stressed that his friendship with Angeline outweighed the romantic relationship that supposedly blossomed between them.

When asked if they did not feel awkward after it, the male singer responded in the negative and explained that they were really friends since before. According to him, no matter what happened or what will happen, he knows that his friendship with her will always be there.

Erik Santos and Angeline Quinto spent their Christmas in New York with their friends. They are very happy as the tickets for their concert with Morisette Amon in NY were sold out. They had a white Christmas for 2017.

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