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LOOK: Erwan Heussaff Reacts To Anne Curtis’ Birthday Gift To Him

Anne Curtis’ Sweet Gesture To Husband Erwan Heussaff

ERWAN HEUSSAFF – It’s Showtime host Anne Curtis made a sweet gesture to her husband Erwan Heussaff on his birthday.

Anne Curtis’ husband Erwan Heussaff recently celebrated his birthday. Based on a report, the Kapamilya television host took to her social media account a sweet birthday greeting for her husband.

Erwan Heussaff

@erwan IG

On her Instagram post, Anne Curtis greeted Erwan Heussaff a happy birthday as she calls him her “happiness”, “security blanket”, “best friend”, “mon amour”, and “husband”.

“Je t’aime! Joyeux Anniversaire! À toi pour toujours, ton amour et ta femme – Moi,” the TV host also wrote in her post.

According to the report, Anne also told Erwan through the post that she will always be beside him to support his goals and dreams in life. She also left a cute promise to her husband – that she will stop learning Korean and start learning French.

The social media post of Anne Curtis caught the attention of netizens on the online platform. In their comments to the post, many of her Instagram followers greeted her husband a happy birthday.

Based on a report, aside from the sweet birthday message, Anne Curtis has a unique gift to her husband Erwan Heussaff on his special day.

According to the report, the It’s Showtime host cooked Thai food for her husband on his birthday. Many netizens were moved by her sweet gesture to Erwan.

On his Instagram account, Erwan posted a photo of the food that his wife had cooked for his birthday. He stated in the caption that in their marriage, the husband always does the cooking but his wife cooked for him that night and “it tasted like love”.

Erwan Heussaff jokingly stated that it happens every seven years and he can’t wait for 2025. Based on his post, Anne Curtis cooked a Thai soup and a shrimp curry for her husband’s birthday.

Erwan Heussaff Post

@erwan IG

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