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Harlene Bautista Posts Shocking Revelation About Ex-Lover

Harlene Bautista Leaves Netizens Surprised By Her Revelation

HARLENE BAUTISTA – Former actress Harlene Bautista reportedly made a shocking revelation about her ex-lover on social media.

Harlene Bautista is a former member of That’s Entertainment. She is the younger sister of Mayor Herbert Bautista and the wife of actor Romnick Sarmienta who was also part of the said Filipino youth-oriented talent and variety show.

Harlene Bautista

Photo lifted from Balita

Based on a recent report in Abante Tonite, Harlene Bautista recently left the netizens surprised by her shocking revelation about her ex-boyfriend. Reportedly, through a Facebook post, the former actress revealed that she had an affair with a “Vaklush”.

In an exchange of private messages with the source, the former That’s Entertainment member reportedly did not reveal the identity of the ex-boyfriend who she is referring to in her social media post.

According to the report, Harlene Bautista just kept on laughing and shared that she just found out about the real preference of her ex-lover “from a friend”.

When asked if the unidentified ex-boyfriend of hers already know that she knows about his real preference, the actress responded that he may not know it yet.

Based on the report, in a message, the source told Harlene that it is good that she wrote “I had” so her husband, Romnick Sarmienta, is out from it. In response to the source, the actress reportedly expressed an affirmation and stated that her husband is really manly.

The source also reportedly mentioned about the recent revelation of actress Kris Aquino about her romantic affair with Mayor Herbert Bautista, the older brother of Harlene Bautista. According to the report, the actress was silent about it.

Based on a previous report, the Queen of All Media revealed that Mayor Bistek proposed to her twice and he had given her a ring when they met in Italy. However, according to her, she returned it to him the next day after realizing about their responsibilities.

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