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Take A Look On Heart Evangelista’s Hermes Luxury Items

Heart Evangelista has a vast collection Hermes luxury items

Kapuso A-list actress Heart Evangelista has been known as a celebrity with style and glamour.

Aside from her acting prowess, fans also pay high regards to her fashion sense and they are always looking forward for her ‘Outfit Of The Day’ of OOTD.

A report of GMA Entertainment compiled the list of her luxury items which is a huge factor of her remarkable sense of style.

Heart Evangelista's Hermes Luxury Items

Heart Evangelista’s Hermes Luxury Items / IG

1. Hermes Birkin 25cm Himalayan crocodile – This is worth at least P4 million according to a luxury bag dealer.


2. Hermes Birkin in Beige Canvas and Brown Leather – This one is € 6450 or P340,080.82.

3. Hermes Rivale and Hermes Scarf – The Hermes Rivale Bracelet is worth $560 or P26, 936 while the Hermes Scarf’s price is  approximately £280.00 or P16,520.30.

4. Hermes Kelly Horse Shoe Stamp – It costs about P675,000 and one has to wait about a year or two before getting it because it can be customized.

5. Hermes Constance – Depending on its size, it may cost around $7,250 in peso it is worth 348,725.00 or $9,650 and in peso it will reach 464,165.00.

6. Hermes Herbag – It may worth from $2,250 to $2,500 or Php 108,225.00 to Php 120,250.00.

7. Hermes Cherche-Midi 22 – This one costs $5,300 or P254, 930.00.

8. Hermes Maxibox – Depending on its size, it may cost $ 9,650 (P464,165.00) or $10,600 (P509,860.00).

9. Hermes Octogone – This item costs $7,500 or P360,750.00.

10. Hermes Jige clutch – Its price is estimated to be $3,525 (P169,552.50) or $3,780 (P181,818.00), the value depends on its hardware.

11. Hermes Twilly – Heart Evangelista has a collection of this which costs $160 (P7,696.00) per item while a maxi twilly is priced at $320 (15, 392.00.

12. Hermes Evelyne III 33– This item has a price of approximately $3,750 or P180,375.

13. Hemes Kelly wallet shiny croco – In estimation, this is worth P500,000 to P600,000.

14. Hermes Birkin croco – Its value is P2.8 million, said in a report.

These are just her collection of Hermes items but Heart Evangelista still has a lot of signature items which spells luxury from Chanel and Dulce & Gabbana and other luxury brands.

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