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Heart Reveals Why She Prefers To Have No Communication With Chiz’s Ex-Wife

Heart Evangelista prefers not to have any communication with the ex-wife of Sen. Escudero.

HEART – Actress Heart Evangelista expressed the reason why she would rather have no communication with Christine ‘Tintin’ Flores, the ex-wife of Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero.

Sen. Chiz Escudero has two kids with his ex-wife Tintin Flores. Based on a previous report, the twin kids of Sen. Escudero and Tintin, Quino and Chesi, are living with their father and her wife actress Heart Evangelista.


Screenshot from Instagram/@iamhearte

In an interview with Pep, the actress said that, at first, it was hard for her although Quino and Chesi have their nannies.

“It;s hard. Like, I didn’t know anything naman, di ba?” the actress told the source during the interview.

Nevertheless, the My Korean Jagiya star expressed that the twin kids are well-behaved and Heart has already adjusted. She is even close to Quino and Chesi.

Heart Evangelista, Chiz Escudero

Meanwhile, with regards to the mother of the twin kids of her 47 year-old senator husband, Heart Evangelista expressed that she prefers that they would be ‘total strangers’ to each other.

In an interview with the source at the taping of her teleserye, the actress said that it is good for them not to know each other and not to have a communication.

When asked what if Tintin would make friends with her, the actress said that she does not want “any kind of complications”.

According to her, what is important is that Quino and Chesi can have something they can call home whenever they are together.

Based on the report, the actress also shared during the interview that the kids do not mention about their mother whenever they are with her. She described the kids as “smart” and “mature”.

According to Heart, the kids grew up without seeing their parents together and she is the woman who Quino and Chesi see with their father.

“Ako yung woman na nakikita nila with the [their] dad na may muwang na sila,” she said during the interview.

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