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Jake Ejercito Reveals Who Is Maine Mendoza To Him

Jake Ejercito Reveals Real Score with Kapuso Actress Maine Mendoza

Jake Ejercito, the son of former Philippine President and now Manila Mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada, revealed who is Kapuso young actress Maine Mendoza to him.

Recently, Kapuso actress Maine Mendoza is linked to Jake Ejercito after he posted a photo of a girl covering her face. It sparked speculations that the girl in the photo is the young Kapuso actress based on the watch.

Jake Ejercito, Maine Mendoza

Screenshots from Instagram | @unoemilio

Maine Mendoza is half of the loveteam AlDub and some fans and supporters could not help but feel sad to the decreasing chance that a romantic relationship will blossom between the young actress and Kapuso young actor Alden Richards in real-life.

Meanwhile, based on a report, Jake Ejercito has put down the rumors that he and the Dubsmash Queen are going out on dates.

Maine Mendoza has also recently released an open letter to her and fans supporters wherein she expressed what she really feels inside. According to the young Kapuso actress, there are moments that she is really unhappy and there are people who dictate her on what to do.

In her open letter, the Dubsmash Queen stressed that she and Alden are really just friends. She also expressed her wish to have a life outside their loveteam.

Maine wrote that she does not want to compromise her happiness for the wants of other people and she is choosing herself now. The young actress also expressed that she is ready if she will lose some of her supporters.

Based on a recent report in Pep, citing Ricky Lo’s interview with Jake Ejercito for the “Funfare” column in The Philippine Star, Jake expressed that he and Maine Mendoza are not dating.

The two celebrities were recently spotted together in a bar in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. According to Jake, he and Maine were in a group and they were having some fun. He expressed that it was not a date and he would only take it as a date if there was just the two of them.

“Maine is just a friend,” he said.

Based on the report, Jake Ejercito has previously told Pep that he and Maine are not dating and he is still not ready to get into a relationship although it’s been a while that he has no girlfriend.

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