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Jake Zyrus Has Already Moved On From Charice

Jake Zyrus on question if he miss Charice: “Honestly, no.”

Jake Zyrus revealed that he does not miss being Charice because his old self is just now part of the past.

With no hesitation, the transgender man admitted that he had already let go of her.

Fans of the biritera singer before expressed how they wanted to hear Charice again, however they just have to reminisce the past because she is not going back.

There were also who compared the voice of Jake to his old self, base on a previous report.

On the other hand, Jake is thankful for Charice because he had a learned a lot from her, especially her guts and determination to rise up against problems.

Jake Zyrus does not miss Charice

Jake Zyrus / InterAksyon

The transman also admitted that he admires her being that way and he knows that she has been through a lot of pain before, said in a report of Manila Times.

Jake explained that his voice will never be the same as before because the hormone affected it.

This is just of the things that changed when he decided to be who he is now, said in a previous report.

The singer said that it is part of his transition.

However, he said that his voice was just affected but it was not totally destroyed.

He likened the transition as to what boys undergo during puberty stage, the voice has a lower pitch.

Because of this, he is now more inclined on male ballad songs.

Meanwhile, Jake expressed his gratitude to all of the people who supported his transition.

First and foremost is his godfather musician and music producer David Foster, according to a previous report.

The singer is also thankful to Oprah Winfrey because the iconic host is the first person who was there to listen when he first decided to come-out as a lesbian.

“She’s like that, whenever we see each other, I am always surprised that she knows a lot of things about me. I always wonder how she gets all her information even on my personal life. I just love her,” Jake said in a report.

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