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Jake Zyrus Tells The Difference From Being Woman To Becoming Man

Jake Zyrus revealed the changes he encountered being a transgender man

Jake Zyrus, formerly known as the ‘biritera’ Charice Pempengco, revealed the differences he encountered in being a woman and now being a man after his top surgery under Dr. Manny Calayan.

The transman said that things are lot different from what he was experiencing before.

Jake was really surprised after waking up from a surgery that made his chest flat.

“Umiyak ako, pag-gising ko, flat na siya… Pinag-isipan daw talaga nila ’yung sa top surgery ko, apat na doctors daw ang gumawa,” he said in a report of Manila Bulletin.

Jake Zyrus Relates Transition From Woman To Man

Jake Zyrus / Billboard

It is not only a complete make over for the singer but he felt like he was being  born again.

Jake said that he feels like he is just entering into the stage of manhood. It seem like he is still undergoing puberty stage especially that there is a huge transition in his voice.

He was known before for hitting the high notes in songs of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, however he is in a different genre now.

Jake welcomed this change from his wardrobe to his song choices.

The singer said that before he used to sing those ‘birit’ songs because that is what the people expected him to sing.

But now that his vocal range is not as high as before because of testosterone injection, he is now more inclined on male songs which he likes more.

Another change that he appreciates is the time in preparing for a show.

Jake revealed that before, there are a lot of people who were taking care of him before going up on stage.

On the other hand, now it takes only 10 minutes and he is ready to perform.

He also revealed that he appreciates very much his new self and the changes now in his life.

Prior to his coming out of the closet, he said that it was difficult for him. It has affected him emotionally as well as his treatment towards the people around him.

“Iba ’yung feeling ngayon. I don’t mind working kahit late pa iyan, I appreciate everything now. Lahat magaan sa akin. Alam ko na lahat ng gusto kong gawin, masarap sa feeling. You’re working hard at lahat bumabalik sa iyo,” he said in a report.

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