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Jameson Blake Reacts To Controversies Surrounding Franco Hernandez’s Death

Jameson Blake Admits Struggling in Moving On from Franco Hernandez’s Sudden Passing

JAMESON BLAKE – Young Kapamilya actor Jameson Blake reacted to the controversies surrounding the death of the late Hashtags member Franco Hernandez.

The sudden death of Hashtags member Franco Hernandez left lots of people in deep grief and sadness most especially his family, girlfriend, relatives, friends, and supporters. He reportedly died of drowning when he was on a vacation in Davao Occidental.

Jameson Blake, Franco Hernandez

Jameson Blake and Franco Hernandez | Screenshots from Instagram: @hashtag_jameson / @hashtag_franco

Franco Hernandez was with his girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca and another Hashtags member Tom Doromal when the unexpected incident happened. They visited the resort of Tom’s family in Davao Occidental.

Based on a report, Janica Nam claimed that they were with Tom’s girlfriend and his cousin named Cleo when an unfortunate incident happened. Strong waves hit their motorized banca and some water entered it thus they had to leave the boat.

Franco Hernandez and his girlfriend were in the waters for around 30 minutes before they were rescued and brought to the shore. However, the Hashtags member was already reportedly unconscious during that time.

Based on the claims of his girlfriend in an interview with Pep, the Hashtags member was brought back to the resort first and he was taken to the house of Tom Doromal and was tried to be revived but he did not make it.

Reportedly, Janica also expressed that it was only her who rushed for Franco to be brought to the hospital. He was brought to a public hospital and then to Digos Doctors Hospital in Davao del Sur but Franco didn’t make it.

The girlfriend of the late Hashtags member reportedly spoke a few days after his remains were cremated to correct the wrong information that were circulating with regards to the death of Franco.

There were differences in her claims, the claims of Hashtags member Tom Doromal, and as well the claims of the boat operators. Meanwhile, the parents of Franco Hernandez expressed that they only want to clarify what really happened.

Based on a recent report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), young actor Jameson Blake, a close friend of Franco Hernandez, admitted that he finds it hard to move on from what happened to the late Hashtags member.

In an interview at the press conference of Haunted Forest, he shared that they are really alike and go out together, eat together, and watch movies together. He expressed that it took him a while to move on after knowing what happened to Franco.

“Well it was just in the mindset. I just had to think positive and just I think as a group (referring to Hashtags), we became stronger as a group,” he said.

Based on the report, with regards to the controversies surrounding the death of Franco Hernandez, Jameson Blake expressed that it is better to let Franco rest. he stressed the statement of the late Hashtags member’s parents that he does not want complications.

“I think it’s better to let him rest and peace na lang kasi his parents said Franco doesn’t like complications so I think it’s better not to build more complications with this issue di ba?” he said.

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