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Jona Viray Continues To Work Hard To Sustain Her Father’s Medication

Jona Viray is doing everything for the medication of her father

Recently, singing champion Jona Viray shared about the health condition of her father and asked for prayers for his fast recovery.

The father of the singer was hospitalized due to fungal infection however his condition got worst when he suffered from a stroke and he was transferred to ICU, said in a previous report.

Jona Viray works hard for her father

Jona Viray / TWBA

During the Monday episode of Kapamilya’s late night show ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda’, Jona went emotional when she was asked about her father’s present condition.

She elaborated that there was a big mass which developed in the sinus of his father that was so near to the border of the brain.

That is why it was needed to be taken off but her father’s headache continued to manifest even after the surgery until his vision was totally gone.

Jona also revealed that they have to spend a big amount of money just to sustain her father’s medication.

They have to choose the more expensive medicines so that the kidney of her father will not be affected.

She affirmed that there was a time when they had to spend a total of 25,000 pesos just for one day and that was for medicine expenses only.

That is why Jona Viray is working so hard to support the financial aspect of her father’s recovery.

She also admitted that she needs to be strong in front her family especially for her father but when she was talking about it in the show, she can’t help but to cry.

“Hindi ko mailabas ang ganitong emosyon kasi parang bino-block ko po kasi pero ngayon hindi ko po mapigilan”, the singer said during the interview.

Jona Viray added that she does not let her father see that she is getting emotional however upon talking about it in front of Kapamilya host Boy Abunda, her tears kept on flowing, according to a report.

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