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Julie Anne San Jose Shares How She Got Fitter

Julie Anne San Jose revealed how she got a fitter body

From being a teen singing sensation in the Kapuso network, Julie Anne San Jose is now more sexier and daring.

Fans noticed how Julie Anne grew from being a wholesome teenager to a mature singer.

Julie Anne San Jose revealed fitness regimen

Julie Anne San Jose / Instagram

This is also evident on her Instagram posts.

So what did she do to achieve the fitter body she has now?

Waves don’t die baby, let me crash here for a moment.

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Julie Anne revealed that she has done crashed diet to get the body size she wants.

“I used to work out a lot. I crashed diet for a week and lost 10 to 15 pounds,” she admitted in a report of The Philippine Star.

She also said that she only ate once a day with only 800 calories.

Together with this diet, she works out every late afternoon.

Was gonna say something but i forgot ?: @sanjosejoanna

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Crash dieting seemed to work for the Kapuso singer, however according to a study released by CNN, it could have some negative effects.

Based on the said research, doing crashed diet may result to metabolism that could trigger future weight gain.

Furthermore, it said that the body may be deprived with essential nutrients.

Allegedly, it can also weaken the immune system and the risk of dehydration, cardiac stress and heart palpitations may increase.

On the other hand, Julie Anne said that she did not feel any of those.

She said even though she did not eat rice for a week in exchange, she ate vegetables, fish and fruit, said in a report.

I just wanna be part of your symphony.

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