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WATCH: Keone and Mari Teach ‘Happy Feet’ Dance Move Step-by-Step

World of Dance – Keone and Mari

KEONE – In a video, World of Dance competitors Keone and Mari taught the step-by-step execution of the ‘Happy Feet’ dance move.

Keone and Mari Madrid gladly shared how to do the ‘Happy Feet’ dance. In a video posted by NBC World of Dance on YouTube, the couple could be seen demonstrating every step comprehensively.

The tutorial of the dance move began with Keone instructing the first move which is hopping unto the heels.

“We’re gonna start hopping unto our heels, back, toes, back,” Keone said.


Screengrabbed from the Video posted by NBC World of Dance on YouTube

The couple then showed the second part which is the switching of the movement.

It could be seen in the video that while the other foot’s heel touches the floor, it is the other foot’s toe that touches the ground at the same time and then switch.

According to Keone, dancers are free to move their arms the way they want while executing the Happy Feet dance.

The couple then showed the complete execution of the ‘Happy Feet’ dance move. They repeated it in a faster pacing afterwards as seen in the video posted.

Based on a feature report in 2 paragraphs, the couple has sacrificed a lot in their dance adventure.

According to the post written by Mari, she and her husband are actually at the stage wherein they desire to have children.

However, they saw the potential opportunity that can make a great impact. She stated that they put the plan of having a baby “on hold”.

“If you had the chance to do something that could potentially be huge for your future children, then I don’t think you’d hesitate,” Mari wrote in a post based on the report.

The World of Dance is an American reality dance competition that showcases different styles of dance. Keone and Mari Madrid qualified in the upper division with the urban style dance.

The couple got a total score of 85 points from judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough.

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