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Luis Manzano Admitted He Can’t Wait To Get Married

Luis Manzano: “I can’t wait to get married”

Kapamilya host Luis Manzano happily admitted in the Kapamilya show ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda’ that he can’t wait to get married.

According to him, he feels the excitement to go home to his own family despite the perception of others.

Luis Manzano can't wait to get married

Luis Manzano / kuyamanzano.com

He also admitted that he is a hopeless romantic and it will give him a nice feeling that when comes home his wife, his child and their dog are waiting for him, according to a report of ABS CBN.

After saying this, he took a glance to his girlfriend Jessy Mendiola at the audience with a wide smile.

When Luis was faced with the famous magic mirror, Boy Abunda asked him if the wife he is referring to their earlier conversation is Jessy.

With no hesitation, Luis went to Jessy and brought her with him in the front of the mirror.

Jessy’s reaction was surprised and she was a bit shy to go with him.

The Kapamilya host told her that they must talk to the magic mirror and Jessy indulged.

In front of the magic mirror Luis said ‘I love you’ to Jessy and then he kissed him.

Jessy hugged his boyfriend while smiling so sweet.

The public knows that the Kapamilya host has been with several failed relationship however he still manage to continue loving and believing in love.

He does not mind other people’s thought about him.

After all, he is still known as one of the great hosts that the industry has now.

According to him, he enjoys what he is doing it, specifically talking to people and trying to make them laugh.

The Kapamilya host sees it as a responsibility and he will continue to do it as long as he can.

Luis Manzano will host the newest Kapamilya mystery music game show entitled ‘I Can See Your Voice’, said in a report.


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