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Marian Rivera Is Unaffected Of People Bashing Her

Marian Rivera has a message for her fans regarding the negative comments she receives from bashers

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera has been successfully bringing joy to the Pinoy primetime TV slot through her latest teleserye ‘Super Ma’am.’

This certain project is special for the actress because she personally dedicates this to all the teachers for their sacrifices as her alter ego on this show is a high school teacher, said in a previous report.

However, despite all her effort to impart good vibes every night on Pinoy households, there are still people who are bashing her and she expressed her thoughts about it, according to a report of GMA Entertainment.

Marian Rivera not affected of bashers

Marian Rivera / Instagram

Bashing among celebrities is quite an ordinary thing now in social media especially that everyone is entitled to create their own social media accounts and hide in other identities.

And being one of the most sough-after actress in this generation, Marian Rivera is not exempted to harsh comments from bashers.

Behind all the negative words that are being thrown to her, the Kapuso actress left a message to all her fans and supporters in the Instagram account @thedongyanatics.

She said that she is grateful that her loyal supporters are always their to defend her from all the bashing but whatever bashers will say about her, she will never get provoked.

In addition, the actress told her fans to be more patient despite the negative comments to her.

Marian Rivera also stressed out that the most important thing is that what is in real life and that her mother never put her in a shameful situation ever since.

One point that she also iterated is that no matter will other people say about her, she will not get affected because it will not kill her anyway.

At the end of her message to her supporters, the Kapuso Primetime Queen said that ‘Let’s move on and smile.’, said in a report.

Marian Rivera's message

Marian Rivera’s message / GMA

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