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Mayor Patrick Meneses Reacts To Aiko Melendez-Ara Mina Reconciliation

Mayor Patrick Meneses Spoke On Aiko-Ara’s Reconciliation

MAYOR PATRICK MENESES – Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses reacted to the reconciliation between actresses Aiko Melendez and Ara Mina.

Based on a report, actresses Ara Mina and Aiko Melendez who had previous issues before have already reconciled. The two celebrities were previously involved with the same men, actor Jomari Yllana and Mayor Patrick Meneses.

Aiko Melendez, Ara Mina

Screenshot from Instagram | @aikomelendez

According to Pep, Aiko Melendez and ex-husband Jomari Yllana have a son named Andrei Yllana. However, the relationship of the two celebrities came to separation and in 2002, Jomari had a relationship with actress Ara Mina.

Jomari and Ara’s relationship lasted for two years. In 2004, they separated.

In 2008, Aiko was in a relationship with Mayor Patrick Meneses. However, after three years, their relationship ended. The following year after Aiko and Mayor Patrick ended their relationship, the politician had a relationship with Ara Mina.

Based on the report, Mayor Patrick and Ara’s relationship lasted for almost three years. In 2015, the two separated. They share a daughter named Amanda Gabrielle and they have vowed to remain friends and to help each other in raising their child.

After 17 years, Aiko and Ara who previously had an issue reconciled. The unplanned meeting happened when both celebrities went to a wake last September 23.

Based on the report, in an interview with the source during the press conference of the film Bes and the Beshies, Mayor Patrick Meneses expressed that he is happy for Aiko Melendez and Ara Mina that they are okay now.

“That’s good. That’s good to know na bati na sila. I’m happy for them na okay na sila,” Mayor Patrick Meneses said when asked for his statement regarding the reconciliation of the two actresses.

Mayor Patrick is reportedly one of the owners of Cineko Productions which is the producer of the Bes and the Beshies starred by Zsa Zsa Padilla, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Beauty Gonzalez, and Carmi Martin.

Mayor Patrick Meneses

Screenshot from Instagram | @patrick_meneses

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